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We invest in post-revenue Seed and Series A stage, Tech-for-Sustainability startups driven by purpose-led Environmentally and Socially responsible leaders

One is often struck by the ability of a small group, even a single individual, to change the course of world history.

Technology, previously often a limiting constraint but now exponentially advancing, means that the quality of the tools has begun to catch up with the scope of our vision.

When combining leadership, passion for ethical improvement and this enabling technology, small groups of innovating entrepreneurs and enabling investors are able to tackle social and environmental problems (and generate wealth) that can feel like the privilege of corporations and purview of governments.

GreenPepper Capital’s purpose is to actively invest in high-growth Tech-for-Sustainability companies – advising and mentoring them to manage the complexities of achieving financial metrics, all the while ensuring that they operate within planetary resource boundaries and with an ethical social conscience.

No small collective feat! and completely viable with a focused team.
Let’s enable tomorrow’s history.