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Our purpose

Backing and building the next generation of Tech-for-Sustainability companies

GreenPepper Capital is a multi-asset class investment brand that enables investors to find purpose and generate wealth. We match investment capital with Tech-for-Sustainability startups.

With a commitment to triple bottom line metrics, this wealth creation is not done at the expense of people or planet.

When implementing product and growth strategy, GreenPepper Capital never compromises Environmental and Social Governance.  Knowing this, as an investor, you can align your personal values and investment objectives by backing them.

These start-ups have the potential to positively solve for the major problem statements challenging our society’s sustainability.

We invite you to finance tomorrow’s companies, today.


Theory of change

GreenPepper Capital’s theory of change is academically researched and commercially proven.
It is underpinned by 3 investment principle pillars.


Systemic Change

Support for the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals

A global view that old economies needs financial rewiring and commercial-activity refocus in order to enable necessary social and environmental change.

ESG Metrics

Belief in an ancient mantra “what gets measured, gets done”

Necessary system change won’t happen unless business’ impact is ethically managed to a change thesis and held accountable to a change index.



Triple Bottom Line

Evidence based action based on public-market commercial data

Globally proven over the last 10 year period, public companies managing against triple bottom line (ESG) metrics, demonstrate lower investor risk and, outperform their non-ESG competitors.

GreenPepper Capital has aligned its investment thesis with the world’s best practice recommendations of Harvard University and Cambridge University’s Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

We propose the following 6 categories of problems that the world needs to solve to become sustainable.
GreenPepper Capital’s Tech-for-Sustainability investees solve for these problems.

GreenPepper Investees’ strategies are responsibly stewarded. The impact of these strategies are measured quarterly to track their effective impact, so investors know that their investment is delivering a triple bottom line return and having the promised change impact.



Become investor ready!  Regenerate a go-to-market plan?  Re-invigorate a growth strategy?

Our sister company, RedPepper Mergers, is staffed by passionate experts driven by a singular purpose to effectively mentor early-stage founders for success; aligning ESG strategy with sustainable impact principles for a better future.

Get in touch if you are a founder of a start-up and will benefit from RedPepper Mergers mentoring you.

Fast track your Tech-for-Sustainability business to become investor-ready, well-funded or growing your impact.