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GreenPepper Impact finances specific projects and seed-funds product creation for startups, driven by purpose-led Environmentally and Socially responsible Leaders

GreenPepper Impact offers a range of smaller-ticket offerings ranging from outcome-focused projects through to financing product-creation which prove out early-stage concepts.

GreenPepper Invest does this in collaboration with an aligned ecosystem of stakeholders who source sustainability projects. We apply an ESG screening process – a Change Index – to the investment concept to reduce operational and investment risk.

This Change Index aims to identify the quantum and nature of change that a project, concept or product will have on impacting a problem thesis.

This is supported by an operational Impact Management Plan which reports to investors on the triple bottom line impact that their investment is having on improving society and regenerating nature.

By aligning with world class stakeholders, we can now offer local and international sustainability investment opportunities.

Some of our own ESG-led participation, which continues to lead to viable impact, includes

* denotes trustee or custodial involvement through RedPepper Mergers